Jessica Simpson And ‘Paul Blart’ Writer To Team Up For Televised Meeting Of The Minds On NBC

Tuesday, January 15 by
This picture alone is enough to fill my Jessica Simpson quota for the next decade.  

This is what happens when entertainment execs nurse two-day hangovers from the Golden Globes. They greenlight pilots from Jessica Simpson and the guy that wrote Paul Blart: Mall Cop so just to get some peace and quiet around the office.

And in case you had the misguided idea that the show would be anything other than a fictionalization of Jessica’s publicized life, then you just don’t know how Hollywood works, my friend.

NBC has proven itself resolute in steering clear of anything high-concept, instead going with TV show loglines that are summed up as “This is a show with *insert obnoxious celebrity or tired source material*.” Who exactly is clamoring for a fictionalization of Jessica Simpson’s life remains to be seen, but it’s interesting in as much as it further demonstrates the growing gap between the networks and cable in the changing TV dynamic.

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