If you think people who are way too into sports are annoying...prepare to be annoyed. Jeopardy!, the seminal trivia game, will be airing a sports version, produced by Sony, and available only online. The online outlet is a rather curious one – Crackle. The free "network" that seems to skew very male with comedies and action films.

The show will be called Sports Jeopardy! and will keep the signature exclamation point, if only to remind us what a thrill answering in the form of a question is.

They've recruited ESPN talking head Dan Patrick to host the show, who lacks the smugness of a Alex Trebek-type, but is likable enough, so...fine.

This is the latest in a series of spinoffs for the game show, including the defunct Rock n' Roll Jeopardy (punk as f*ck, by the way) hosted by Mark McGrath, and Jep, which was for kids on the Game Show Network.

Hehe. "Jep." Just like all the kids say with their skateboards, malteds, and Twitters.