Criminally underrated actor Jeff Daniels is teaming up with appropriately rated writer Aaron Sorkin to star in his upcoming HBO pilot. Described as a behind the scenes look (shocking, I know) at an all-news cable channel, the tentatively titled "More As The Story Develops" would be Daniels' first foray into series television, and producer Scott Rudin's first since his 1994 hit film Clueless was adapted into an ABC sitcom.

Sorkin's previous work includes a behind the scenes look at cable sports ("Sports Night"), a behind the scenes look at The White House ("The West Wing"), a behind the scenes look at a (terrible) late night sketch show ("Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip"), and, most recently, an Oscar-winning behind the scenes look at the creation of a phenomenally successful website (The Social Network). With Sorkin's penchant for long tracking shots, let's hope this fictional cable news channel has extra long hallways. (Hollywood Reporter)