Director Jay Roach (Meet The Fockers, but hopefully you won't have to) is gonna put us all in the way-back machine and take us to a magical time before blood-libels and double rainbows called 2008. If you're too young to remember, a gentleman by the name of Barack Obama (Mythbusters) was running for a little title called the President of the United States of America, and some other people history has forgotten (Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Sarah Palin) were running against him. Man, those were the days before the date was 9/02/10, and the "internet," as it was called back then, totally freaked out about it.

HBO Films is adapting Game Change, the bestseller by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, into a feature film with Roach at the helm. Screenwriter Danny Strong will be screenwritering the screenplay. Strong and Roach made Recount for HBO about the 2000 election, so it makes sense to bring back the Emmy winning creative team for another political made-for-TV movie. I think the title might be a bit premature though. With unemployment still high and wars still going on, I don't know that the game has been fully "changed." More like: Game Changed Incrementally But Mostly Positively. (Hollywood Reporter)