Let's all live vicariously through the Bakersfield, CA, man who is suing Jay Leno for making a very bizarre joke about Mitt Romney's extreme wealth.

Hmm. Leno? Mitt Romney? Bakersfield? We better hurry up and get through this. I'm already boring myself.

Dr. Randheep Dhillon is filing a lawsuit against Leno for a joke that implied Mitt Romney is so rich (HOW RICH IS HE?) that he uses India's Harmandir Sahib, better known as the Golden Temple of Amritsar, as a summer home.

Hold on. I'll write more as soon as I can compose myself from all this laughter. What a strange joke for mainstream America. Granted, Leno just put up a picture of a shiny Indian palace, that people could probably discern was lavish without knowing its context or name, but still. I would have thought he would have used a picture of Donald Trump's hair or something to get a laugh.

Dhillon claims that Leno "falsely portrays the holiest place in the Sikh religion as a vacation resort owned by a non-Sikh," and as such is suing him for general and punitive damages. I will be the first one to admit that, yes, Jay Leno did falsely portray that holy place as Romney's summer home. There's not much to debate there. I will also concede that it was a "joke," and that this law suit might be the most asinine thing I've heard this month.

Further, I'm also furious for this man being so stupid and wrong that I'm forced to side with Jay Leno. Goddamn you for forcing me into this position, Randheep!

"Your honor, I would like to further contend that Mr. Leno is also guilty of pulling a Thomas Crown-like ruse with the Dancing Itos. He intentionally misled us as to both the number of Lance Itos in existence and their ability to dance to funky 70's hits."

Oh well. At least his joke didn't kill anyone this time.