Maybe it was the riotous 741st installation of "Jaywalking" that compelled the members of Harvard's Hasty Pudding Club to bestow their annual Man of the Year designation to walking lowest common denominator Jay Leno. Whatever the reason, this is happening. This is real. Movieline carries a quote from the geeky club that professes, "Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the nation’s oldest undergraduate drama troupe, said The Tonight Show host was selected because he has 'entertained millions of people over his long and accomplished career in comedy.'"

Entertaining millions of people doesn't mean you're funny. It could just mean that you have an army of interns who can clip newspaper headlines, or a passing knowledge of who Octomom is. Strangely, Conan O'Brien has never received the award, despite being a Harvard alum and, you know, funny. Could the Hasty Pudding Club have an ace up its sleeve with this announcement? Will Conan jump out of a cake and bite Jay Leno in the crotch? Could this be the elaborate staging of a humo intervention? Probably not, but this news is something of a shock. I'd like to think that it's just the result of NBC kicking over a shit ton of money to the club, rather than just a monumental lapse in judgement and reason.