Jason Sudeikis Rolls Into ‘Eastbound & Down’

Friday, July 8 by

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Jason Sudeikis has found a new venue to use lewd terms in reference to vaginas. The Hall Pass and Horrible Bosses star will join the third and final season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down. Sudeikis will play Shane, a new friend to Danny McBride‘s egotistical former baseball star and father-to-be.

The comedy series has turned out some great comedy performances from Will Ferrell, Craig Robinson, Don Johnson, Adam Scott, Deep Roy, and Matthew McConaughey. I’m hoping to see Sudeiki break away from his current stints as Horndog Bestfriend Character #1, and this could be the perfect chance to do that. Also it’s going to be hilarious to see his square off with Stevie Janowski for Kenny’s affections. (Variety)

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