James Van Der Beek To (Finally) Return To Our Lives In ‘CSI: Cyber’ As…Agent Elijah Mundo

Thursday, August 7 by

Oh yes. Oh God, a thousand times yes. It was only a matter of time before the CBS parade of procedurals became self-aware and started intentionally hamming it up on a project level, as the stars (namely David Caruso) have been doing it for over a decade now.

As we had reported a few months back, CSI is returning to dazzle old people with the internet, hackers, and America Online with CSI: Cyber. Makes sense. Old people should learn about the internet before they die, and CBS already has their attention.

But now it’s got ours. CSI has hired everyone’s favorite actor of all time, James Van Der Beek, to play the ridiculously named Elijah Mundo, a hothead who plays by his own rules while typing or playing Candy Crush or something. 

The details are not that important, but he’s on the show and will be a star. Looks like, against all odds, CSI gave us something to look forward to.

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