James Remar Talks Harry Details for ‘Dexter’ Season 5

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The Saturn Awards brought Screen Junkies some great T.V. scoops last night, including additional details on the fifth season of "Dexter." James Remar, who play Dexter‘s dead father Harry and constant subconcious reminder of "The Code," stopped on the red carpet to discuss what’s in store for the sympathetic serial killer. We’ve previously reported on plot and casting details for the upcoming season, but how will Harry help Dexter get through these troubled times, and keep him from sliding off the deep end? Or I suppose the DEEP deep end, since he kind of already murders people. 


Harry’s new words of wisdom in Season Five:
More of the same. We’re on the same page. We’re less adversarial. Just have to keep him focused so his emotionality doesn’t run away with him, so he doesn’t get in trouble, so he doesn’t get caught because Dexter’s starting to experience some real turmoil. This is how Harry helps stabilize. Dexter’s on his own but Harry’s there and so’s his sister. We’re going to see what happens. We’re going to see how out of control he gets.
Harry’s views on the guilt over Rita’s death:
Well, you’ve got to remember that Harry is Dexter’s alter ego. I think a sense of responsibility is vital for Dexter. Harry’s always encouraged him to be responsible in his choices, in who he selects to do away with. I suspect that Rita was an unfortunate side effect of his lingering fascination with Trinity when he should have just taken care of him, because Harry was telling him to get rid of the guy the whole season but Dexter was trying to find companionship in someone that wasn’t capable of giving it.

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