James Ellroy Developing A TV Series To Serve As An ‘L.A. Confidential’ Sequel

Friday, April 26 by
Here are two guys that probably won't be in the TV show.  

Because television has been batshit crazy about period pieces in recent years, and people always like themes of detectives, corruption, and crime, James Ellroy has taken back to his typewriter to get the ball rolling on a TV series to pick up where his book L.A. Confidential left off.

This isn’t his first stab at the undertaking, having developed a pilot in 2003 that never went anywhere, but that’s back when TV was terrible, and now it’s really good. Which means it should be made on a cable network, possibly on, I don’t know, a Sunday night?

Assuming it does get picked up, it probably won’t find its way to FX, where they’re developing Shakedown, a similar concept about tabloids and corruption in LA in the late 1950’s.

I think there’s room for two shows this awesome on TV at the same time. (A.V. Club)

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