In Hollywood, you can go to a bank, give them a new sci-fi drama pilot script with J. J. Abrams' name attached, and the bank will give you money. It's basically currency. So I'm hardly surprised that Abrams' has sold something new, this time to CBS, though the particulars of this make me more interested in it than "Fringe." Whenever people try to explain to me what's happening in"Fringe," I lose interest in the middle of their lengthy explanation, and start thinking about how cool it would be if a bunch of different Spocks from a bunch of different dimensions met up. One of the Spocks might have Wolverine claws, for example.

Abrams' new show is called "Person of Interest," and it's about a scientist and an ex-CIA hitman who try to stop crimes before they happen. In one of the episodes, I think they should try to prevent the murder of show writer Jonah Nolan (The Dark Knight), who is killed by an angry Philip K. Dick fan, incensed because the premise seems like a Minority Report rip-off. It's a very Adaptation-y idea, but it'll work. (Hollywood Reporter)