J.J. Abrams Prepping A New Mystery Project. Must Be A Day That Ends In ‘Y’

Monday, October 3 by
You can get your ass kicked if you flash that sign in the wrong neighborhood.  

Not a lot is known about the project that will team J.J. Abrams and in-demand screenwriter Billy Ray, but the announcement alone should represent the green flag for everyone to start speculating about it…RIGHT NOW!

According to those old so-and-so’s at Deadline, the project will be a mystery adventure and both Abrams and Ray worked on the pitch together. One couldn’t expect it to be undertaken too soon, with Ray working on the script for Pan (which should be nearing completion), the 24 film, which seems to have gotten some traction as of today, and The Secret in Their Eyes, which he will also be directing.

Outside of his perennial producing duties, Abrams’ schedule appears more open, beholden only to directing the Star Trek sequel.

There is some speculation that this project could be the Cloverfield sequel or prequel, but I find it unlikely that Ray would bring his considerable talents the Abrams’ brainchild, rather than a new concept altogether. Perhaps it’s a Baby Geniuses reimagining, where the babies are grittier… and darker.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

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