J.J. Abrams Eyes Stephen King’s ’11/22/63′, Because He’s Got So Much Time On His Hands

Monday, April 29 by
Consider me warned.  

Unless J.J. Abrams is actually 15 different, diligent movie and TV producers, the fears that he’s spreading himself a little thin these days seem to be more and more grounded in reality. Beyond the upcoming Star Trek and Star Wars, he’s got a gaggle of TV shows he’s producing, which may have grown by one over the weekend, as he’s looking at Stephen King’s time-traveling saga 11/22/63 to adapt into a mini-series or TV show.

The premise of a school teacher traveling back to the 1960’s to stop theĀ assassinationĀ of JFK seems to be right up Abrams’ alley with both the time traveling and the elements of 1960’s culture.

This announcement should keep Abrams’ attention until next week, when he will get behind a gritty reboot of Mario Bros. or something.

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