Travel Channel's new show, Toy Hunters (think American Pickers, but with toys and collectibles), premiers this Sunday, Jan. 15h at 11:00 PM EST/PST. Considering the CW just ordered a show about extreme musical chairs, a show about classic children's toys seems downright highbrow.

I'm a sucker for childhood nostalgia, so once I saw the word "Kenner," I was on board. As such, I asked host Jordan Hembrough to share with us some of the rarest toys he's found during his hunts. So, in honor of Toy Hunters, here are Jordan Hembrough's seven rarest toy finds.

Again, be sure and watch Toy Hunters this Sunday at 11:00 EST/PST on the Travel Channel. And don't just DVR it! Watch it live, so it has a chance of getting picked up. And no, I'm not getting paid for this!

Six Million Dollar Man Venus Probe

This evil alien robot battled Steve Austin during one episode. Some collectors were not even sure it was made, until they started showing up on clearance shelves. To this day, it remains one of the most sought after toys from the line, easily fetching over $1000 for a mint in box example.

Strawberry Shortcake Banana Twirl Doll w/Berrykin

During the ending of the line, the dolls were released with little Gnome-like counterparts called Berrykins. The Banana Twirl was the hardest to find and boxed examples still bring in over $300.

LJN Thundercats Tounge-A-Saraus

The green lizard rival to the Thundercats still commands a hefty price tag. Boxed examples will set you back at least $400.

Star Wars Jawa w/ Vinyl Cape

Kenner toys released their vintage Jawa figure with a thin vinyl cape before switching to a more "realistic" cloth version. It remains one of the most sought after, and faked, Star Wars figures to date. Authentic examples bring in more $200, while a nice carded version will easily sell for over $3,000.

Mattel Vintage 1966 Switch N Go "Lost in Space Playset"

These playsets consisted of a motorzied vehicle which ran along flexible track. You could control the direction of the toy. Paper cutouts of buidlings and plastic characters were also included. Mattel also released a Batman TV set as well. Boxed, each set can easily fetch at least $1,500 on the market.

MEGO Boxed Alter Egos

Mego put out a series of dolls that were the "alter ego" counterparts to their superheros. Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayon, Clark Kent and Peter Parker were all released through catalog mailers. They remain some of the most difficult to find of the Mego "Worlds Greatest Superheroes."

GI JOE "A Real American Hero" Figures (Straight Arm)

When released in 1982, Hasbro's GI Joe figures had straight arms. Later, they were replaced by a simple "ball in joint" mechanism. The early Joes, particularly the females like Scarlett, all command top dollar.