In Case You Didn’t Know ‘America’s Most Wanted’ Was Still On The Air, No Worries, It’s Been Cancelled

Friday, March 29 by
So American, it makes me want to invade Iraq all over again.  

While it’s easy to mock the remarkably durable series America’s Most Wanted, the show managed to lead to the capture of over a thousand fugitives over 25 seasons, so…

Eat it, New Girl.

However, it appears that our streets will once again be plagued by crime and bedlam, as America’s Most Wanted has gotten the hook (yet again) from the network hospice commonly known as Lifetime. However, for those of you, writhing in emotional pain, moaning, “But what of host John Walsh? What of Walsh?” dry your wetted eyes.

Lifetime is working on a series called John Walsh Investigates, which is sure to become the reality-based cousin of Law & Order: SVU, which means that we’ll all watch it when we’re sick or hungover, and not tolerate it at all outside of those contexts.

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