I’m Afraid I Just Clue Myself

Monday, January 31 by

Fans of the sitcom “Arrested Development,” which just got away from us somehow, love to speculate about what future course the Bluths might take. Some dare to dream that their story isn’t right for a TV show, but maybe a movie. Others set their sights a little lower: A Clue: Arrested Development Edition. It’s mostly what you’d expect — a show as dense as “Arrested Development” is bound to have lots of murde weapon fodder, of course. The highlight for me is Tobias in the role he was born to play: Mrs. Peacock. That’s a good enough joke to have been on the show. Down below is a picture of the cover, and you can see more by clicking the above link. Maybe if you’re feeling particularly industrious you could print everything out and try to actually play the game.

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