Netflix knows people love"Mad Men." So don't be tellin' Netflix how much people love "Mad Men," cause they already know. The even put a price on people's love for "Mad Men." It's about a million bucks an episode. That's the estimated amount that Netflix is paying for the exclusive rights to stream all episodes, old and new, up through the recently-announced season 7.

For those chomping at the bit to get after seasons 1-4 on Netflix Instant, you're going to have to chomp a little longer, as they won't be streaming until July 27th. That's not the only bad news, either. Going forward with season 5, the show won't be available for streaming on an episode-by-episode basis, but rather in complete seasons following its television run. So if you're a "Mad Men" junkie, this probably wouldn't be a perfect substitute for your AMC subscription. You're gonna need that anyway for"Breaking Bad," which doesn't love its fans enough to stream. Prove me wrong, "Breaking Bad." Prove me wrong. (WSJ)