If you're anything like me, you've been straddling the fence on the upcoming presidential election, patiently waiting until the day when Jeff Foxworthy tells us who we should vote for. That day is today.

Foxworthy, who has made a career letting people know that they might be rednecks and are not smarter than 4th graders, has thrown his mighty political weight behind Republican hopeful Mitt "The Mittmaker" Romney.

The fact that Romney grew up in Michigan and governed Massachusetts might lead one to believe that he might not win over the southern redneck vote, but then we are reminded that the other candidate is black and it all sort of makes sense.

The best part of this story is, when asked about his backing of Romeny, Foxworthy said, "We don't elect presidents based on personality. We did that in 2008."

If you're an incumbent president with the last name of "Obama," you might draw the ire of a redneck.