Ice Cube Returning To Thug Life In FX Vigilante Series, Will Presumably Use His AK

Monday, December 12 by
Ice Cube doesn't really feel like answering any questions about 'The Comebacks' right now. Please sit your cracker ass down.  

Ice Cube will return to being his crazy motherf*cker self on FX, starring in the upcoming Eye for an Eye. Cube will play a paramedic, who, having seen his fill of violence and injustice begins meeting out his own punishments to criminals. As time passes, he finds himself enjoying his vigilante lifestyle, to┬áthe┬ádetriment of his personal life and ethical code. So it’s like Dexter, but with Ice Cube. It’s like someone is producing my dreams.

The project is in its infancy, as his production company, the awesomely named Cube Vision, is currently looking for a writer to pen the pilot.

Ice Cube has never worked in TV before, unless you count his role as executive producer on TBSAre We There Yet?, which I don’t.

I’m genuinely excited about this project for a number of reasons. First off, it’s great to Ice Cube not be a total pussy about things for the first time in almost a decade. Secondly, the premise is such that even if the quality isn’t stellar, it could still be very entertaining. Third and thirdmostly, FX has done a great job with its dramas, so I feel that point number two could be moot.

Crack some skulls, Cube.

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