Yes, I know you're all bummed out about the death of director Tony Scott, so maybe this isn't the best time to give you more bad news. But considering you probably found this site while searching for topless photos and could care less about female comedians of yesteryear, I'll just go ahead and lay it on the line: Phyllis Diller is dead. She was 95-years old.

The problem with elderly celebrities is that by the time they finally expire, most of their fan base is already dead. So rather than pretending I'm a big fan who knew her work inside and out (I only remember her from reruns of Laugh-In), I'll just copy and paste a paragraph from her Wikipedia page.

Though her main claim to fame is her stand-up comedy act, Diller has also appeared in other films besides the three mentioned above, including a cameo appearance as Texas Guinan, the wisecracking nightclub hostess in the 1961 film Splendor in the Grass. She appeared in more than a dozen, usually low-budget, movies, including voice work as The Monster's Mate in the Rankin/Bass animated film Mad Monster Party (1967), co-starring Boris Karloff. She also appeared as Bane's wacky uncle in The Dark Knight Rises.

I think someone might be screwing with her page.