Even though it had been circling the drain for most of its five seasons, the reality that Community is really, finally cancelled was beginning to sink in for most of its slavishly devoted fans. But that's all over now, as Hulu has announced they're speaking with Sony Pictures Television to bring back the show for 13 more episodes.

In essence, the show, its fans, and its critical acclaim would all serve legitimize Hulu from "the streaming site" to a real, actual network, much as Netflix has been doing with its content.

Being "in conversations" isn't a very advanced stage of development, so this should provide just enough hope to Community fans that they get their hearts broken. It's sort of like spitballing the idea around while playing Nerf basketball in a boardroom. Not exactly a legally binding arrangement.

However, it's remarkable, in the wake of this announcement, how close the little show that could is to its lofty goal of six seasons and a movie. If Hulu moves, they could just be one movie away.