Huell Howser, Public TV Staple, Dies At 67

Monday, January 7 by
Classis Huell. Not to be confused with Saul Goddman's bodyguard, who is large and black, but also named Huell.  

Huell Howser, a mainstay on public television with folksy travel shows like California’s Gold, has died at age 67. The cause of death has not yet been disclosed.

While many Screen Junkies readers aren’t familiar with Howser or his work, they may be familiar with a caricature of Howser that appeared on The Simpsons “There’s Something About Marrying” episode, which depicted a folksy travel host quite literally falling off the turnip truck.

While his voice and enthusiasm were easy for comedians to crib, they were also genuine hallmarks of a guy that made mundane trips down Route 66 seem…interesting. And that in and of itself is a small miracle.

Here he is talking about avocados.

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