Howie Mandel's reign of terror has reached a new front: Celebrity Stand-Up. The show, which originated in Denmark, will follow a reality format that features celebrities sharing intimate personal details about their lives, and using those details to form stand-up comedy routines, which they then perform in front of a TV audience who votes on which is the best. Yeah, thanks Denmark. Anyway, here's Mandel on his TV show that he wants you to watch (once a network agrees to put it on the air):
“There really isn’t anything like Celebrity Stand-Up on air in the U.S. right now. I see it as a unique and clever spin on the immersive celebrity interview. The contestants must examine their own lives to write sketches based on their personal experiences, and challenge themselves to go outside their comfort zones. The result is celebrities exposing themselves in a very honest and raw way, giving viewers a really intimate insight."

Maybe this means we'll get to see Neve Campbell tell jokes about the time her aunt made her smoke an entire pack of cigarettes in one sitting, or Wilmer Valderrama do a routine about the kids in 5th grade making fun of him for taking ballet classes. This should be the most hilarious and insightful trainwreck since The Marriage Ref! (The Hollywood Reporter)