In case you thought that The Walking Dead was going to stop airing any time soon, think again. Producer David Alpert sat down in an interview and revealed he has thoughts for a tenth season arc, and a twelfth season arc. Nothing's certain, but the show seems to be building steam later in its run, so I would put the prospect at "likely."

We're currently about to enter season five this fall, so we're not even at the halfway point. This prospect should make AMC giddy, as the program is smashing records for cable ratings, and has warranted its own talk show (Chris Hardwick's The Talking Dead) and a spin-off that is taking shape.

So, if you thought maybe this whole zombie thing was going to get resolved halfway through this upcoming season, then the whole gang goes out for smoothies, you're probably long. Unless the "going out for smoothies" plot stretches out for seven seasons. But hey, this is The Walking Dead, so they've spent similar amounts of time on equally trivial pursuits.