Most episodes of HBO's Luck carry the proud disclaimer that no animals were harmed during production. MOST being the key word. Production on both the pilot and the seventh episode ended up with a horse needing to be euthanized. Now PETA is all kinds of mad about animals being harmed, which makes me wonder why they've yet to complain about most of the programming on Bravo.

UPDATE: We've heard from HBO directly, and they've stressed that at the time of both incidents, the production was partnered with the American Humane Association (AHA), and the show adhered to their established safety guidelines. During both of the accidents, "an American Humane Certified Safety Representative was monitoring the animal action and verified that all soundness checks had been performed by the on-set veterinarian." The network also stressed that after the second accident, HBO worked with the "AHA and racing industry experts to implement additional protocols specifically for horseracing sequences" beyond those set by the AHA.

At any rate, now that these new procedures are in place, it's just a matter of keeping Nick Nolte away from the horse medicine. (NYO)