‘Homeland': Gettin’ Renewed!

Wednesday, October 23 by
If spies were this attractive, I would welcome them into our country.  

Homeland has been picked up by Showtime for a fourth season. Insiders claim that the pickup is no surprise, citing [REDACTED] and the highest [REDACTED] the show has ever seen. Masters of [REDACTED] was also picked up for another season, probably because it had lot so of scenes of people [FUCKING].

The premiere of the next season will be on a need-to-know basis, and audiences aren’t told this far out in advance in consideration of their own safety. It’s important to stay vigilant in your watching of Homeland, as the enemy could be right in front of you, portraying a good-looking assassin, a handsome ginger veteran, or possibly even a crazy blonde girl, just like that one you dated in college. Right after you caught [REDACTED] cheating on you with Trent.

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