Discovery Channel's Shark Week seems to be one of those things that gets discussed, praised, and shared far more than it actually gets watched. You know, like the last season of Arrested Development and that fun little shark-related jaunt Sharknado.

Judging by last night's ratings, people are actually watching Shark Week. More people watched last night's debut of Shark Week than EVER WATCHED ANY TELEVISION BROADCAST IN THE HISTORY OF THE MEDIUM. Just kidding. The Super Bowl and that M*A*S*H* finale are still pretty save. But it was the highest rating ever in the 27-year history of the annual Discovery Channel event. 27 years? They grow up so quick. If Shark Week was a person, it would already have graduated college, gotten its MBA, then moved back in with its parents because of the shitty job market.

Last night, the premiere pulled in (or "reeled in" if you want to be that way about things) 3.825 million viewers. While it's possible that this year's premiere night line-up was realyl strong, and marketed perfectly, I think this can simply be chalked up to the power of social media. Shark Week is one of those dumb things that people get all fired up about on The Twitter and The Facebook, tune in for an aggregate hour or so, then forgot the whole thing exists until next year, when people start hashtagging #hammerheadstrong or something like that.

Still, it managed to give us this, so...congratulations Shark Week, on all your success: