You know how you've been trying to get "that look," but you just can't quite nail it? You've got the Bride of Frankenstein perm, the blue hair dye, and mascara to make your eyes look BIG, but you still don't get mistaken for Marge Simpson?

Well, your dear friends at MAC are working to change that with a line of cosmetics for those who want to channel their inner Marge Simpson. Now, the collection is only "inspired" by Marge Simpson, so don't think that you can just steal her look in one fell swoop. Looking like Marge is something you have to earn, you can just buy it. Otherwise, EVERYONE would be looking like Marge Simpson. Because she's such a style icon.

Of course, it's a fine line, the settings between "Marge," and "whore," so use discretion. Which you are clearly already doing if you're considering buying Marge Simpson make-up.