Actress Heather Locklear has had a long and illustrious relationship with the good ol' Idiot Box (no, I'm not talking about Charlie Sheen). But she hasn't been on a regular TV series for a while - which is why it might be exciting to all you Locklear fans out there that she's coming back to TV for a pilot on, of course, CBS. The show is called "The Assistants," and here's a plot synopsis:
"[Locklear will] play a reckless, unstable actress prone to terrorizing her hired help. They’re willing to put up with the bad treatment in the name of making connections for their own careers."

That premise sounds like a "Larry Sanders" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm"-style sitcom, but it's not clear from the article whether it will be a sitcom or a more dramatic series. If I had to guess I'd say the former, but luckily for everyone I don't have to guess. If it gets picked up it will be on CBS, so it will probably be terrible anyway. (via CinemaBlend)