After pulling down series high numbers possibly due to audience enlightenment (somewhat likely) and/or that sick Game of Thrones lead-in (extremely likely), Veep has gotten the ole' renewal from HBO, affording us another season with Selena and her political gang that can't shoot straight.

May I editorialize?

Thank you.

Veep is perhaps the funniest half-hour of TV on...TV. You know how people like funny shows that offer up a lot of heart as well? Those people didn't like this show because this show hadn't shown any heart. Until the last episode which offered an ending that leads the audience to believe that Selina Meyer MIGHT care about the decisions she makes, and her political career isn't just one giant game.

While the show serves as a pretty bleak vantage point of contemporary politics, it doesn't have to. You CAN just like the show because it's a bunch of inept, weird people cursing at each other and their fun idiosyncrasies.

I promise no more editorializing for ten days, at least.