Good news for people who like slow-moving dramas about parimutuel betting. HBO has already renewed Luck for a second season despite the fact that the series has only aired one episode, and that episode received less than stellar ratings. Of course, I'm a big-time TV blogger type, so I know that HBO has a different model than regular networks, focusing more on DVD sales, etc. Then again, I only "know" that because an old co-worker explained it to me five minutes ago, and he could have an ax to grind, so take it for what it's worth. Either way, I get paid by the word, so I hope you thoroughly enjoyed that last paragraph that I wrote to you just a few seconds ago, which is ending right now as I type and you read. That made me $3.00.

At any rate, I know most HBO shows start out slow, but so far, Luck has been like watching molasses slowly smother a crippled turtle. And keep in mind, I'm watching them several at a time, not week to week. Unless Dustin Hoffman pulls out a sword and starts cutting off titties, I won't expect the ratings to go up any time soon. That said, maybe the critical acclaim is what the network is really after here.