HBO must continue its search to plug holes in its 2015 drama lineup after it gave word that it passed on David Milch's The Money, a series about a super-rich media mogul who...does stuff. It's a David Milch show, so the point won't be readily apparent.

This leaves Milch in a bit of a drought, having gone one-season-and-out with John From Cincinnati, and Luck, and failing to get his police pilot picked up in between. Poor Milchy.

HBO is in a similarly dire position as it doesn't have much in the way of drama in the future. It's got Game of Thrones, and True Detective, but that will only account for about 20 Sundays a year between the two of them. True Blood and Boardwalk Empire are shuttering after these seasons. If it wants to stay sharp against the likes of FX and AMC, I would suggest it get its dramatic house in order. May I suggest revisiting A Visit From The Goon Squad or Trent Reznor's Year Zero?