HBO misses their meal ticket, and they're trying to get him back. After a couple fruitless attempts to wrap their arms back around Tony Soprano, the cable juggernaut has courted the portly thespian for it's newest pilot. The show is called Criminal Justice, which makes me think that HBO bought the name from a failed CBS pilot starring Jill Hennessy, but whatevskis.

The show is based on a BBC series of the same name which offers up a criminal case, then follows several different characters as they negotiate the legal system. Oh jeez. I hope it's more interesting than it sounds.

Tony James would play a "disheveled jailhouse lawyer," and possibly one that walks around in his robe and slippers, offering nothing more than general grunts as he swigs orange juice from the carton and indulges in chilled lunch meats mere minutes after waking up at 11 AM.