While they never really achieved breakout status, Bored to Death and Hung certainly had their fans (How to Make It in America, I'm not so sure about). But business is business, and with the upcoming tsunami of new shows HBO has in development, it should come as no surprise that these three got the axe.

Let's not grieve the passing of these shows (though I heard that Bored to Death was pretty great). Rather, let's harvest their financial organs and give life to new shows, perhaps A Visit From The Goon Squad, a Doc Holliday series, or a medical/mafia drama from Leo DiCaprio. Sure, they might not give us comfort right away, but in time, we can learn to love them. Perhaps you can take solace in the fact that Enlightened got picked up for another season in the same announcement? Circle of life.

In the meantime, I dunno, let's watch Arrested Development on DVD until Justified comes back. Cool?