‘Hawaii Five-0′ Is Running A Choose Your Own Ending Type Episode. But Can We Choose For All The Characters To Die?

Thursday, January 3 by
I guess this sort of thing is sexy to old people.  

I don’t mean any specific harm to the fictional characters of the CBS remade action series, but if you’re going to allow audiences to choose the ending of a TV show, don’t expect them to choose the ending where everyone sits around a coffee table, drinking wine and going, “Wow! That was a close call!”

We want blood, and we want it now.

Of course, they’re not giving the audience THAT much leeway. Some dude gets killed and the audience gets to pick who did it.

I actually just bored myself to sleep writing that sentence, much like old people bore themselves to sleep watching the remade Hawaii Five-0 on CBS.

Circle of life and whatnot.

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