We're officially now in the home stretch of Breaking Bad, with the front eight eps of season five in the bag, and nine months or so until we're treated to the final eight. I'm going to offer a little (very little, actually) speculation about what could happen in the final octet, and will be doing so with the knowledge of events up to this point, so...


  • Walt dies (3-1)

  • It's revealed that Walt is dying (also 3-1) The fact that people aren't making a bigger deal of the hospital scene is a bit odd to me. He's shown getting a scan, then he all of a sudden gives up the life? Giant. Red. Flag.

  • Walt gets pinched (15-1) The gig is up, but I don't see any likelihood of Walt going peacefully into custody.

  • Lydia dies (2-1) She's one of the few human connections from Fring's operation and Gale's murder to Walt. She's not that formidable, and since Walt has proven he's willing to kill to ensure business runs smoothly, it's no surprise that he'd kill to ensure life outside of prison.

  • The show ends in a musical number in which all the principal characters sing to the camera (10,000-1)

  • Walt turns to his old college buddy/business partner for a BIG favor (7-1)

  • Everyone walks away fine, and things go back to how they were (5-1) Only then will bad be broken. Yay!