Greg Mottola To Direct Aaron Sorkin’s Sadly Alien-less HBO Pilot

Monday, March 28 by

Greg Mottola (Paul) has experience directing “so smart they were cancelled early” TV series like”Arrested Development” and “Undeclared.” Aaron Sorkin has experience creating “so smart they were cancelled early” TV series like “Sports Night” and “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip” – actually, “Studio 60″ was cancelled for another reason (the industry term: “suckiness”). It’s about time these two worked together.

Sorkin’s new HBO pilot, which will take us behind-the-scenes (the man loves going behind scenes) at a cable news show, will be directed by Mottola. Jeff Daniels is in talks to play the host, and Scott Rudin will executive produce along with Sorkin. Hopefully, Sorkin will bounce off his Oscar-win and create a great new TV series that makes us forget all about “Crazy Christians.” If that’s possible. (Deadline)

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