‘Greek’ Actress Tiffany Dupont

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Let’s just break the bad news right off the bat.  Tiffany Dupont, who stars as Frannie Morgan in Greek, loves Christianity bunches and bunches.  We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with being best friends with Jesus, but that likely means he’s (He’s?) putting the kibosh on sex until marriage, my friends.  Damn!  And I’ve got two strikes against me because A) we’re not married and B) I’m as Jewish as the day (and the nose) is long.  She’d bring me home to the folks and they’d probably throw holy water at me.  Which would sting because on top of being Jewish I’m also a vampire.  Awww that’s THREE strikes!

A word from Tiffany: “No, Mel Gibson was not involved.”

Yeah, that’s what you think, Tiffany.  But chances are he’s pulling those strings from a secret laboratory in his Malibu mansion.  Mel Gibson is always involved.

Martin Riggs is probably even involved in these pics after the jump…

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