The last time I remember seeing people walk out of a film was during the Saving Private Ryan beach scene. At that time, the audience departure had more to do with the brutal nature of the film rather than its quality. I can only assume the same was true during the Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Sundance screening, where viewers reportedly walked out in droves "during a scene where the two guys are riding around in a cart chasing hobos out of the derelict mall, screaming 'Get the f— out!'"

Brutal stuff, indeed.

But the fact that only two-thirds of the audience managed to sit through the film didn't seem to phase Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. In fact, they seemed to delight in the fact that they were making their viewers uncomfortable.

"We’re used to TV where there’s not a [live] audience, Wareheim said durring a post film Q&A. "To see it with a group of people who are enjoying it, or cringing and screaming, or covering their eyes the whole time, that’s kind of amazing for me."

Great job! (EW)