‘The Vault’ Finding Its Way To Theaters By Way Of Depp

Thursday, August 4 by

Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil production company has teamed with GK Films to produce a big-screen adaptation of The Vault, a graphic novel that just had its first installment hit shelves this week. The Vault is a very high-concept story about an underwater sarcophagus that is breached by a team of divers and releases an ancient evil on the world. Hard to get terribly excited about that logline, but let’s reserve judgement until more info comes forth.

The comic book is written by Sam Sarkar, who is, probably not coincidentally, an exec at Infinitum Nihil. It’s not known whether Depp will have any role in the film beyond producer, as his availability lessened with the upcoming Lone Ranger and the inevitable Pirates of the Caribbean #’s 5-27.

I’m trying to find an angle here beyond “generic graphic novel adaptation,” but there doesn’t seem to be much to work with other than “Johnny Depp will produce,” which isn’t likely to blow the hair back of most moviegoers. He just doesn’t “wow” in a production capacity like Brian Grazer does. (THR)


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    Folks that want to find out more about The Vault comic book can visit http://www.facebook.com/thevaultcomic or http://www.twitter.com/thevaultcomic for all the latest info.

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