Grand Theft Auto V, purported to be the most expensive game in history, is shaping up to be money VERY well spent, having taken in $800 million in its first day, blowing away the previous high-water mark, Call of Duty: Black Ops II which took in about $500 million in the first couple days.

Now of course, that $800 million figure includes months, and millions, of pre-orders, so saying that the game grossed that in 24 hours is a bit misleading. However, what's not misleading is that $800 million is, in financial terms, a metric shit-ton of money, and the game hasn't even been released in markets like Brazil and Japan yet.

While its budget isn't public knowledge (nor the seemingly bottomless bucket of marketing dollars spent), it seems that the financial performance of these big-title games is a far more predictable metric than it is for movies.

So maybe, just maybe, film studios will see better outlets for investment than Battleship and Cowboys Vs. Aliens, and spend some money on things people actually enjoy.

Just kidding. They won't do that because the studio system hates and fears change.