With the dearth of TV providers out there (Time Warner, Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish Network), it seems like we're stuck picking from the lesser of so many evils. We can agree on that.

We can also all agree that Google is pretty great. Which is why it's my pleasure to inform everyone (that hasn't read any business magazines over the past month or so) that Google is getting into the TV and ISP business. They're giving it a go first in Kansas City, then, hopefully, the rest of the US, by laying down their own fiber optic cables that link straight up to their massive server operation in Iowa.

Those servers will act as a gigantic DVR for users, as well as a conduit for streaming live TV and Internet service. Yay!

With the complacency and shitty customer service provided by the current cartel, it's very nice to hear that a new, non-compromised company will be stepping in to change the game or at least keep the other guys working for our business.

Plus, it's just a matter of time before Google lets us download cute, furry puppies right into our houses. Double yay!