Good News: NBC Brings Back ‘Community’ – Bad News: It’s Up Against March Madness

Tuesday, February 21 by

Good news for people who like good television. Community is coming back on March 15th at 8 P.M. EST/PST! Pop! Pop!

But even when NBC gets it right, they manage to get it wrong. The show’s return will face some stiff competition from the opening round of the NCAA tournament, which isn’t exactly where a show struggling for ratings wants to be (Thanks to SeanMMcNally for pointing that out). Even so, it’s good to see the network has finally come to its senses. And by that, I mean it literally ran out of other shows to run, since NBC’s ratings have plummeted to the point where Community’s numbers are looking good.

But enough negativity. It’s time to to get excited for the return of Annie‘s Boobs and Alison Brie‘s breasts. See what I did there? Pretty “meta,” am I right? OK, fine, I don’t know what “meta” means. Piss off. (THR)

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