Well, if Allison Brie can do Mad Men, then Gillian Jacobs deserves a prestige show to join, too. And that show will be HBO's Girls. After news that Community has been cancelled, the cast been filing their unemployment and seeking work elsewhere. It appears that Lena Dunham is hiring.

Jacobs won't appear until episode five as Mimi-Rose, which is also the name of that episode. So it's probably more than a cameo. From there, Gillian will stick around, though it's unknown how big a part she'll play. Maybe just watch the damn show, ok? Do you need to know everything ahead of time? IT'S ABOUT THE JOURNEY. GOD!

Donald Glover took a controversial turn in the early episodes of season 2 as Hannah's boyfriend, ostensibly to combat criticism that the show lacked diversity. However, his appearance was so fleeting and inconsequential that all it did was fan the flames further.

Maybe Gillian Jacobs is joining because people complained there weren't enough white girls being represented.