You missed Bill Cosby. You didn't even know you did, but you did. With his crescendos into that high-pitched voice, the dancing while the eyes roll upward, and the sweaters. Oh those, glorious sweaters. Come January you won't have to subsist on late night TV Land reruns any more. Sony, NBC and The Coz have gotten together to bring NBC a multigenerational sitcom, starring the comedian.

The project will star Cosby as Jonathan Franklin, a grandfather who lives with his extended family, yada, yada, patriarch, etc.

It's going to be the Cosby show with more people. That's what this sounds like. The show will be written and produced by TV veteran Mike O'Malley and will likely stick to the multicamera format, so it sounds like they're not going for anything terribly groundbreaking here. Take Cosby, put him in front of a camera, let him do stuff.

That's how you make a hit show.

And here's this in celebration: