George R.R. Martin Rails On The Olsen Twins Mid-Lecture

Tuesday, January 29 by
Dress for the job you want. "Clown biker." 

You know how you have a point to make, then something pops up that totally pisses you off, then you get off track, albeit in hilarious fashion?

If you’re not nodding, then I’m hoping that George R.R. Martin is reading this (HI GEORGE!) and nodding his head, because upon reviewing a lengthy talk he gave a couple years ago at a Higher Learning function, where he takes a break from talking about his journey to rail on the Olsen twins and Full House (“This goddamn thing became a hit”). Sure, it’s not a new video, but unless you invested the full hour, it’s probably new to you.

The big takeaway from GRRM:

That’s why I’ve always hated the Olsen twins. And still do to this day. [Hilariously weird cackle]

Here’s the video (go to 20:00, or click here for us to take you there)

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