George R.R. Martin Might Be Piling An Eighth ‘Song Of Ice And Fire’ Book

Wednesday, June 4 by
He's putting a dragon entourage behind him on the green screen, I just know it.  

It’s good to know that even the author of Game of Thrones¬†and it’s ancillary books gets confused sometime. George R.R. Martin, who has been doing God knows what instead of writing those damn books, had originally planned to do one book for each of the seven kingdoms. But then, for reasons that we can’t really ascertain, having not read all of the antecedent books, there’s an eighth kingdom.

So that means, under Martin’s current bizarre sense of obligation to every kingdom, an eighth book. Which means the series goes on.

Normally, this would be welcome news, but the fact that Martin is 65 years old and not a picture of health means that it just increases the likelihood the guy could die before finishing the story, as HBO is burning through the books at about a rate of one per season.

Maybe, turn the last few into a graphic novel, George?

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