George R.R. Martin Is Going To Kill Someone For Charity

Friday, June 6 by
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George R.R. Martin, in addition to writing some books that people seem to be pretty fond of, also, really, really likes animals. Which may be a surprise to Game of Thrones fans, who have seen what happens to horses, horse hearts, goats, and rabbits in the hands of clueless squires.

Nonetheless, Martin is active with Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico, a rescue shelter for wolves. He’s currently soliciting donations in Kickstarter-fashion right here. And while for $7,500, you can get one of Martin’s hats (gross), the money shot is the $20,000 tier. For that scratch, George R.R. Martin will write you into one of his next installments of A Song of Ice and Fire, then kill you off in grisly fashion.

Pretty cool. And you get to save wolves. Check it out.

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