George R.R. Martin Is Considering A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel Series

Monday, March 25 by
This guy loves his job.  

In news that will make casual fans’s nose begin to bleed, Game of Thrones creator, in an effort to create the most intricate the world in the history of man-made art, has hinted that he’ll be creating a prequel series, using a handful of novelas that he’s written, then adding “nine or ten more” (you know, no big deal) to create a backstory for all the characters that we are really invested enough in without further backstory.

While this sounds like a big burden, it might be the best possible use of the author’s time since signing a new development deal with HBO. Since he’s admitted he’s about 3,000 or so pages away (for reals) from completing A Song of Fire and Ice, any project that he’s got a head start on is probably ideal, rather than one that he’s starting from scratch.

Maybe he’ll harken all the way back to the time that Eddard Stark had a head.

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