Season 2 of HBO's Game Of Thrones has cast its Lord of Bones. And, no, it's not Steve Buscemi.**goosefart!!*

He's very skinny, you see.

Anyway, Edward Dogliani has been cast to play the creepy monikered Lord of Bones. But don't worry, that's just his porn name. The raider is also well known as "Rattleshirt." That is because of the noise produced by the armor made of bones that he wears. The actor is relativel unknown, having only appeared in a few shorts. That is all sure to change when Game of Thrones returns to HBO this spring.

Rattleshirt. Hmmm... That's what separates writers like George R. R. Martin from writers like me. I'd just keep referring to him as That Guy With Bone Armor. Or TGwBA if I don't feel like typing that much. (THR)